Air filter Ingersoll-Rand FA40ID

Air filter Ingersoll-Rand FA40ID

Core filter replacement indicator (Element Replacement Indicator - ERI) - a visual indicator showing that it is time to replace the filter kernel protection IP55. Powered by standard AA batteries. Smooth edges - 90 ° directs air to the core of the filter significantly reduces turbulence and pressure drop. Highly effective drainage layer - improved drainage properties of liquids and excellent chemical compatibility. Deep wrinkles reduce the velocity of flow medium - lower flow rate improves the efficiency of filtering and reducing the pressure loss. Diffuser Flow provides a distribution of air flow at the core of the filter without turbulence. Low profile cap removes the separated liquid flow path of the air increases the efficiency of the separation of liquids and provides more usable filter area. Flasher surface tension prevents the adhesion of the liquid, which leads to a rapid and effective drainage separated kapalin.Drenážní ribs - vertical fins mounted in a filter vessel compressing the lower part of the core filter to allow rapid drainage of accumulated fluid. Pedigree reduces clogging due to contamination by 75%. It is designed for higher temperature and pressure of 80 ° C/17 bar g


Class D - dust filtration for general use. BSPT filters: Removing dust particles size up to 1 micron. Flange filters: Removing dust particles size up to 5 micron.


Parameter Value Unit
weight 0,5 kg
height 172,0 mm
width 76,0 mm

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