AKU-driven screwdriver Ingersoll-Rand QXX2AT18PQ4

AKU-driven screwdriver Ingersoll-Rand QXX2AT18PQ4

The new range of QX-AKU precision screwdriver gives you control, comfort and communication that you need for your assembly line. Compact, ergonomic design, 8 user-programmable sensor configuration and management tools improves performance to new heights. This advanced technology is designed to suit your needs now and in the future - at a price you can afford today. QX AKU quickly becomes the most valuable tool assembly linkách.Varianta wireless communications provide process control with I / O, switching and automatic configuration of real-time data archiving up to 10 tools for managing the communication process module (PCM)


Integrated digital torque and angle sensor. 8 selectable programs. In the version with and without WIFI. Interconnecting with the communication module. Data archiving. Excellent ergonomics.


Parameter Value Unit
voltage 20,0 V
moment working 3,6 - 18,0 Nm
speed 500,0 1/min
weight 1,3 kg
length 542,0 mm
size of the hexagon 1,0

MAVE Plus v.o.s.
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