DC Electric Screwdriver Ingersoll-Rand QE2SL002P10Q04


Electric hand wrenches and recessed spindle undergone significant innovation, from both the ergonomics and by the functional elements. U twirl hand is primarily reduce weight and increase speed and accuracy of the tool, reducing noise levels and location of traffic lights directly on the tool. Digital converter readings of torque and angle of rotation is integrated directly in the tool, which increases its accuracy and reliability. With a minimum of joints in the tool increases the reliability of data transmission. The new structure is also built spindles, these are designed for very easy installation into the mounting device. The main change is driven by double cable for the sensor and motor separately. . Electrically controlled wrenches and spindle assembly ISO5393/CE/EMI/ANSI meet the standards and are certified by the world APTP / MFU / CNOMO / FIAT.


Parameter Value Unit
performance Direct
maximum torque 2,0 Nm
moment working 0,3 - 1,6 Nm
speed 3000,0 1/min
weight 0,6 kg
length 250,0 mm
distance from the axis of the tool 22,0
clamping tools 1/4 hex
how to start Lever

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