IC12 controller DC Wrench Ingersoll-Rand

IC12 controller DC Wrench Ingersoll-Rand

Unit IC1M - it only has a small line display to view track record of tightening, alarms and error messages. This unit can be programmed only through a PC.

Connection "Interface" for accessories, up to 24 inputs and outputs.
By default, Ethernet, optional Profibus and DeviceNet
RS 232 port for connecting a barcode reader, printer, or sending and receiving data
Interconnection of units
Standard programming Cr. torque and angle of rotation.
Automatic preset and switching groups tightening
Setting the alarm service
Complete statistical evaluation
256 Programming and configuration / tightening programs /
Up to 128 program steps to configure
Representation tightening curves

Connect - basic version of the software for simple programming of the moment. / Free /
Network - A complete programming tightening configurations for single and multiple systems
Multisync-the same as the Network, but also the ability to sync vícevřetenných tightening systems
Enterprice-the same as the Network but allows you to work with external databases


Parameter Value Unit
voltage 230 V
length 238,0 mm
height 305,0 mm
width 191,0 mm
variant M

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