Impact Wrench Ingersoll-Rand 2130XP-TL

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Impact Wrench Ingersoll-Rand 2130XP-TL

Wrench 2130XP-TL limited krotícího torque is designed specifically for the tire with a high frequency of changing wheels. Integrated limiter prevents over-torque applied to the drive wheels and custom screws. When used in conjunction with a torque wrench, it is guaranteed that the wheels are always tightened to the specified torque, which increases the safety and comfort of the driver and the entire crew of the vehicle.


Tightening torque is limited by the tire service to 47-75 Nm. 813 Nm of maximum torque authorization. Exclusive impact mechanism is designed so that the torque is limited mechanically and only in tightening mode. Impact mechanism TwinHammer is the most powerful, has the highest life expectancy and is most resistant to shock mechanism in the industry at all. The powerful engine with 6-blades with reverse bevel allows for the authorization of an even higher performance. Ergonomically shaped composite body is exceptional not only lightweight, but also by effectively removes cold air, which has a positive effect on the user. Switch with spring-loaded quick-launch tools and precise transmission of power and speed. The switch to a simple change of direction speed. The air inlet swivel 360 degrees in both directions and prevents twisting the air hose. The integrated muffler in the handle reduces noise levels.


Parameter Value Unit
maximum torque 816,0 Nm
moment working 47,0 - 75,0 Nm
speed 7800,0 1/min
beats / min 1150,0
weight 1,9 kg
length 187,0 mm
recommended hose 10,0 mm
average air consumption 2,1 l/s
air consumption at load 14,2 l/s
noise db/a/ 94,4
service kit a 80142375,0
service kit b 46808392,0

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