Impact Wrench Ingersoll-Rand 2145QiMAX SP-ATEX

Impact Wrench Ingersoll-Rand 2145QiMAX SP-ATEX

Ingersoll Rand has always offered products intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Investments in technology for the production of composites with low values ​​of static charge has made possible a new range of light Impact driver. There are classic and standard impact wrench with the body of a special non-sparking alloys, which are certified according to classification EX I M2 c IIB 95 ° CX ​​and EX II 2 GD c IIB 95 ° CX ​​in accordance with European Directive 94/9/EC and 1999 / 92/EC, which is usually known as the ATEX Directive. It is both a tool storage, ideal for specialized applications within the petrochemical industry, mining, and manufacturing or processing any area where there may be explosive environment. Impact Wrench premium 2145QiMAX-SP series offers the highest performance and ergonomics in its class, which significantly increases productivity and user comfort. Low air consumption and resistance, designed for demanding industrial applications has a positive effect on reducing operating costs. 2155QiMAX Impact Wrench is the ultimate tool for the most demanding applications, which can be expected for repair of bus and truck, building and construction, maintenance of agricultural machinery and tire service and repair industry in general.


Industrial design Twin Hammer - double hammer mechanism composite body and titanium casing hammer mechanism, power regulation in 4 levels


Parameter Value Unit
maximum torque 1830,0 Nm
moment working 271,0 - 1220,0 Nm
speed 6300,0 1/min
beats / min 1150,0
weight 3,4 kg
length 217,0 mm
recommended hose 13,0 mm
average air consumption 4,0 l/s
air consumption at load 15,1 l/s
noise db/a/ 96,3
service kit a 47100011,0
service kit b 47102561,0

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