Impact Wrench Ingersoll-Rand 2190Ti

Impact Wrench Ingersoll-Rand 2190Ti

Impact Wrench 2190Ti is specially designed for frequent use and provides superior performance, excellent ergonomics, high user comfort and helps maximize productivity.


The maximum torque of 2237 Nm (1650 ft-lb). Ingersoll-Rand TwinHammer impact mechanism is strong, durable and provides long životnost.Tlakové lubrication shock mechanism extends the life and reliability utahováku.Lehká titanium casing provides high trvanlivost.Unikátní 7-vane motor transmits more power in reverse směru.Ergonomický design with textured grip provides a secure and comfortable grip handle shape uchopení.Zadní "chainsaw" provides excellent maneuverability. The ergonomic side handle provides excellent maneuverability. Light touch trigger provides its choice of power and speed utahování.3-position power regulator with control right / left running.


Parameter Value Unit
maximum torque 2237,0 Nm
moment working 204,0 - 1356,0 Nm
speed 6800,0 1/min
beats / min 875,0
weight 6,1 kg
length 393,0 mm
recommended hose 13,0 mm
average air consumption 5,6 l/s
air consumption at load 27,4 l/s
noise db/a/ 103,8
service kit a 80137383,0
service kit b 80137698,0

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