Impact Wrench Ingersoll-Rand 285B-6

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Impact Wrench Ingersoll-Rand 285B-6

Impact Wrench 285B-6 is an easy to use user tools with outstanding performance and increased durability. It is an ideal tool for the most demanding applications, which can be expected for repair of bus and truck, building and construction, maintenance of agricultural machinery, tire service and repair industry in general.


2400 Nm of maximum torque. FAST-Torque allows you to achieve torque 1356 Nm within two seconds. Unique and durable construction designed for 8.3 bar corresponds better to real working conditions. Ingersoll Rand impact mechanism, developed on the basis of its advanced technology metal machining, ensures maximum durability and reliability. Impact mechanism "Swinging Hammer" is designed to work correctly even with fluctuations in air pressure. The engine is a 6-blades ensures high performance. Chemically resistant protective cover to absorb any shocks and protects the machine from damage. Auxiliary handle does not limit the movement of the user's work. Switch with spring-loaded quick-launch tools and precise transmission of power and speed. Power controller has 3 positions and two-way operation.


Parameter Value Unit
maximum torque 2000,0 Nm
moment working 136,0 - 1220,0 Nm
speed 5000,0 1/min
beats / min 700,0
weight 12,6 kg
length 519,0 mm
recommended hose 13,0 mm
average air consumption 4,7 l/s
air consumption at load 17,5 l/s
noise db/a/ 99,8
service kit a 16578965,0

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