Impact Wrench Ingersoll-Rand 3955A2Ti

Impact Wrench Ingersoll-Rand 3955A2Ti

Series 3900 represents within the range of impact wrenches Ingersoll Rand in sizes 1 "and 1 ½" latest generation. Taking into account the available power and durability, is a revolutionary design this series step forward. Product range Series 3900 allows the selection of tools in a 1 "and 1 ½" in various configurations to the output shaft in the shape of square. Three engine sizes allow such a performance that far exceeds all that has been possible in the past, ie the impressive torque for towing up to 6779 Nm. On the evidence of the fact that it is the most durable tools in the market, we can mention the amplified impact mechanism and motor with seven blades, which reaches maximum speeds faster than ever before.


The motor assembly includes a high performance rotor blades and 7 bronze bloky.Rázový mechanism TwinHammer is the most powerful, has the highest life expectancy and is most resistant to shock mechanism in the industry at all. Integrated reversing switch provides protection against damage when not less than friendly treatment. Titanium jacket # surge mechanism increases strength, reduces weight and has exceptional resistance to corrosion.


Parameter Value Unit
maximum torque 6779,0 Nm
moment working 1600,0 - 4000,0 Nm
speed 3750,0 1/min
beats / min 700,0
weight 15,7 kg
length 419,0 mm
recommended hose 19,0 mm

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