Pneumatic screwdriver Ingersoll-Rand QP1S10S1TD

Pneumatic screwdriver Ingersoll-Rand QP1S10S1TD

Screwdrivers Q2 series are designed for demanding mounting applications. They were designed in every detail to the user. Maximum grip customized palm reduces the force needed to hold the tool and operator fatigue. The revolutionary new shut-off clutch provides exceptional accuracy and repeatability of the tightening cycle. The entire group of products Q2 meets the standards of ISO5393 and APTP even when millionth cycle. Many Q2 is so designed as to ensure easy setup and údržba.Série Q2 is characterized by long life and maximum durability. With a more powerful engine and clutch exact number of Q2 is the best tool in its class.


Excellent repeatability and torque when millionth cycle. New extremely accurate shut-off clutch. Ergonomically perfect tool. Torque range from 0.3 to 5.4 Nm. Speeds from 200 to 2000 rpm. Series straight, pistol, angle and built-in drivers. Achieved the highest ergonomic factor in all categories.


Parameter Value Unit
moment working 0,3 - 4,5 Nm
speed 1000,0 1/min
weight 0,8 kg
length 223,0 mm
recommended hose 6,0 mm
average air consumption 450,0 l/s
noise db/a/ 75,0

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