Refrigerated Air Dryer Ingersoll-Rand D12IN-A


Heat resistant to corrosion, reduce barriers to air flow and allow for more efficient throughput and less wasted energy consumed. Built-in condensate separator made of stainless steel effectively removes all moisture. Microprocessor control with easy to understand graphical interface allows the operator to adjust and manage system parameters easily and efficiently. Variable speed fans reduce power consumption when the unit is operating at less than maximum cooling capacity while providing a constant dew point. Reliable and totally hermetic compressors use R134A refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly. Programmable electronic drain valve is fully adjustable and helps minimize air loss.


Parameter Value Unit
maximum pressure 14,0 bar
voltage 230,0 V
weight 17,0 kg
length 360,0 mm
height 402,0 mm
width 305,0 mm
rated power 0,1 kW

MAVE Plus v.o.s.
Pasteurova 10
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