Screw Compressor Ingersoll-Rand R7.5n

Screw Compressor Ingersoll-Rand R7.5n

Screw Compressors Ingersoll-Rand series NIRVANA variable speed.


Efficiency: To ensure maximum performance, efficiency and ease of maintenance were output compression chamber, connecting pipes and separation system integrated into one simple design. Integration of the compression module eliminates leaks and pressure losses, thus increasing the efficiency and performance. The integrated variable speed drive: With this power prevents energy waste caused by excessive pressure or running naprázdno.Úspora is up to 35% energy. Nirvana automatically adjusts the output of compressed air so as to achieve maximum operational efficiency. Control: Visual indication of operating status, hours and faults for easy servicing and reduced downtime. Reliable and efficient operation running in loaded and unloaded conditions with automatic shut-off and closure for maximum flexibility. Maintenance: All components requiring maintenance are grouped together for easy access for maintenance.


Parameter Value Unit
engine power 7,5 kW
maximum pressure 10,0 bar
comp. performance 330,0 - 980,0 l/min
voltage 400,0 V
weight 285,0 kg
length 960,0 mm
height 690,0 mm
width 1186,5 mm
noise db/a/ 69,0

MAVE Plus v.o.s.
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