We offer screw and piston compressors, Ingersoll-Rand industrial and workshop applications. Screw compressors in the industry today represent the vast majority of technologies for the production of compressed air. This growing need to apply in craft workshops and small businesses and large industrial plants. With advanced technology screw compressors will save you a considerable amount of traffic.


With a proven design and performance are achieved reciprocating compressors Ingersoll Rand recognized worldwide for their reliability, efficiency and effectiveness.

Compressors of a high pressure

High pressure piston compressors INGERSOLL-RAND are designed to pressures of 350 bar. They cast construction cylinders and stainless steel valves with extended life. They are equipped with 4-pole motor IP54. Oil AllSeason allows performing service intervals up to 2,000 hours of operation. Compressors are placed on pallets with dampers.

Screw compressors

Ingersoll-Rand rotary screw compressors made in Czech Republics. Screw compressors are manufactured in the factory in Ingersoll-Rand Uničov. Rotary screw compressors offer the best of time-proven designs and technologies with new advanced features that ensure the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and productivity.


Class A - charcoal filtration. Removing oil vapor and odors carbohydrate, ensuring maximum remaining oil content of

Class H - Highly effective oil filtration. Removal of particles having a particle size of 0.01 micron including water and oil aerosols, maximizing the remaining contents of the aerosol of 0.01 mg / m (

Class G - Universal protection. Removal of particles of 1 micron in size, including the condensed liquid water and oil to ensure maximum remaining aerosol content of 0.6 mg / m (
Class D - dust filtration for general use. BSPT filters: Removing dust particles size up to 1 micron. Flange filters: Removing dust particles size up to 5 micron.

Screw with inverter

Refrigerated Dryers


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