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2003-2013 10 years authorized distributor and service INGERSOLL - RAND

MAVE Plus Company was founded in 1995 as a trading company engaged in the sale of products for car service and tire service . Due to increasing demands from customers, we are looking for suppliers of piston and screw compressors in the field of trade and industry. After selection of brands on the Czech market, we have established cooperation with Kaeser Compressors , which gradually changed the focus to the industrial sector.

In 1998, with the compressor developed department of industrial pneumatic tools brands of Ingersoll Rand and Fiam . Due to the success of the sale , we entered into in 2002 as a direct importer of Ingersoll Rand tools for the Czech Republic. In this step , we have further expanded the range of new products IR , especially electrically controlled screwdriver and the assembly of the spindle.

Currently, we are a company focused on the supply and sale of industrial tools and compressors. Our aim is not only to succeed in sales, but offer customers complete services and facilities. This is a technical design for new projects , consulting services , demonstration and complimentary tools for testing, measuring torques.

With the development of society and created brand service center for warranty and post-warranty servicing , inspection tools and compressors according to operating hours or at regular service intervals based on individual service contracts with the customer. We provide product training at the customer or in our society. An integral part of the assembly of technological units , ie compressor stations turnkey or only in technology in the field of compressed air.

Over time we have developed the Czech market fixed position with products and services that we address our customers in various industries.


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