Torque sensor stationary

Fixed sensors are used both in the workshop and on the assembly line. They allow a quick check of the torque set manual or electric wrenches. To verify the torque normally used with a corresponding joint simulator. The degree of coupling of the simulator can be varied in order to achieve different joint conditions from hard to soft. The sensors are sets of screw simulators are very useful tools for setting up and testing under various conditions of bolted joints.


measuring range [Nm]

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Stationary torque sensor Ingersoll-Rand JKST1017

measuring range: 500.0 - 1000.0 Nm|max. torque simulator: 500.0 Nm|input connections: 36.0 mm|thread connections: M24x3

Stationary torque sensor Ingersoll-Rand JKST150

measuring range: 7.5 - 150.0 Nm|max. torque simulator: 75.0 Nm|input connections: 19.0 mm|thread connections: M12x1, 75

Stationary torque sensor Ingersoll-Rand JKST271

measuring range: 15.0 - 300.0 Nm|max. torque simulator: 180.0 Nm|input connections: 24.0 mm|thread connections: M16x2

Stationary torque sensor Ingersoll-Rand JKST28

measuring range: 1.5 - 30.0 Nm|max. torque simulator: 20.0 Nm|input connections: 13.0 mm|thread connections: M8x1, 25

Found 4 products
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