Terms and Conditions

Conditions of MAVE PLUS C.I. for the sale of goods / e -shop /

First General provisions
1.1 The Buyer placing an order accepting terms and conditions for the supply of goods declared by the seller . Buyer and seller relationship is governed by these terms and conditions which are binding for both parties , unless the agreement expressly stated otherwise. Conditions define and clarify the rights and obligations of MAVE PLUS vos ( more "Seller " ) and its customers ( hereinafter " Purchaser" ), and in its current version consists of the contents of the purchase agreement ( the supply of goods ) or is an integral part of .
1.2 Unless the parties agreed permanent purchase agreement in writing, seller delivers goods on the basis of electronic orders and buyers specifications ( orders received via e-mail ) on the form , which is available in the online store seller.

Second Subject of the contract
2.1 The contract shall be understood as expressly specified in the purchase contract - order (the goods). The weights, dimensions , capacity, price, performance and other data contained on www.kompresory - naradi.cz , catalogs and other printed sellers are non-binding information , if acquired in the contract expressly stated as binding.
2.2 Seller agrees that Buyer deliver : - perfect goods in accordance with the specifications or features usual for the commodity - meets the standards , rules and regulations applicable in the Czech Republic - Czech equipped with operating instructions and safety, warranty, is If for a given commodity usual .

3rd place of performance
3.1 The place of performance is the seller. In the personal collection of goods , the buyer is obliged to store provide proof of full payment for the goods. When taking the purchase of goods by a person other than the person who purchases the buyer is obliged to prove empowerment buyer , issued in the name of a valid identity card of the authorized person .

4th Ordering goods contract
4.1 The electronic order completion of all required data and information . The order is a purchase contract. The contract of sale will not require formal confirmation by the seller , the contract then the actual delivery of goods. Seller may in particular especially more challenging case of reserve formation of the contract confirmation and the issue proforma invoice up to 100% of the items ordered.
4.2 The Seller is depending on the nature of trade (the amount of goods, prices , transport costs , distance , address, etc. ). Always entitled to ask the buyer to authorize the order in an appropriate manner , např.telefonicky or in writing . If the buyer refuses to authorize the order desired , the order is considered invalid . If the seller and the buyer signed a long-term framework written purchase contract , an electronic order signed contract clarifies and specifies and is its integral part.

5th Price and payment
5.1 Bid prices shown on the Sellers website are correct at the time of ordering. The prices are valid until a new price list. Seller reserves the right misprints and price changes in the case of exchange rate changes, a significant increase in inflation or significant changes in supply conditions for producers and suppliers of other goods.
5.2 The purchase price will be paid only credited the full purchase price to the Sellers bank account or by paying cash at the box office seller. In case of failure of any payment the Buyer shall pay the fees for late payment of value not paid an amount of 0.1 % per day of delay.
5.3 The seller retains title to the goods until full payment of the purchase price. The invoice issued under a contract between the seller and the buyer is a tax document simultaneously . Tax document is also prodejka issued for cash when paying cash box office seller. Receipt of the goods the buyer is possible only after the full payment , unless otherwise agreed . The price of goods is increased by the price of transport, if charged .

6th Withdrawal from the contract ( mail order)
6.1 Withdrawal from the contract is governed by the law č.367/2000 . In accordance with this law the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of goods . This right is subject to purchase as an individual ( not on ID ) . If the decision is for the buyer withdraw at this time , must comply with the following conditions .
6.2 The withdrawal from the contract is necessary original proof of purchase. In the event that the buyer conduct damage occurs to the seller in accordance with § 55 , paragraph 1 , the buyer is obliged to compensate the damage (especially incomplete contents , damaged content, etc. )
6.3 The Buyer shall send the goods in clean containers or by registered and insured , not COD ! Seller is not liable for any damage or loss of goods in transit to the seller. When all the above conditions for returning the goods , the seller sends the monetary value of the goods or postal money order to the buyer. Refund will be held within 14 working days from physical receipt of the returned goods.
6.4 In the event of infringement of certain conditions by the buyer , the seller will not accept withdrawal and the goods will be sent back at buyers expense or to be kept on the premises of the seller for a handling fee of 1 % of the selling price per day - (this fee includes handling, storage space a foreign insurance of movables ) .

7th terms of delivery
7.1 Delivery of the subject of performance ( the ordered goods ) will be subject to availability of product and operational capabilities of the seller realized in the shortest possible time , usually 1-10 working days from confirmation of the order . In exceptional cases the delivery time may be longer , always in consultation with the buyer .
7.2 Sampling point is determined based on the buyers order . In fulfillment of delivery shall be deemed delivery to the subject of that post. The delivery is not the subject of installation . Transport to the destination provided by the seller. The shipment of goods is always a tax document contains instructions for using the product.
7.3 Delivery all over the Czech Republic provides sellers. Transport costs are identified in section mode. The specific method of transport chosen by the buyer with the current price that is automatically assigned to the choice .

8th Liability for defective goods , warranty , complaints
8.1 The warranty period begins on receipt of the goods.
8.2 The warranty period is listed for each product in its description . If a given product warranty certificate exists , then it is exposed to the date of sale of goods. In the event that there is no warranty card , warranty card serves as an invoice - tax receipt.
8.3 The warranty does not cover normal wear and wear parts due to use. Shorter product life in such a case can not be considered a fault and it can not as such a claim .
8.4 The Buyer that the goods are used for business purposes or for a given product , the warranty period is determined by the Civil Code . In this case, the warranty period determines the particular importer (or manufacturer) products in the Czech Republic. complaint
8.5 In the event that the buyer discovered during the warranty period for the purchased goods defect that was not caused by improper use , but a defect in the production process, is under warranty, the right to claim the goods . In the complaint , the purchaser must specify the type of product , its production number, sales receipt and a brief description of the defect . Buyers then receive information about how to proceed. Shipments of which will be apparent why a buyer sends the goods back to the seller , they will be sent back to the sender .
8.6 Buyer sends Staples Net in the original packaging with insurance , seller is not responsible for any mechanical damage before accepting the goods. In case of a justified complaint, the buyer is entitled to reimbursement of postage / freight costs in the amount necessary for the safe delivery of the seller ( must be accompanied by proof of transfer ) . In the case of unjustified complaints buyer is not entitled to reimbursement of costs associated with the management of complaints .
8.7 Seller shall consider the complaint defects equipment and shall inform the buyer by telephone or e -mail of the outcome of the complaint. 8.9 The deadline for settling a claim under the Act is č.634/1992 Sb . thirty .

9th Action goods
9.1 For goods bearing the title of Action of goods or sale is valid status until stocks or appeal.

10th Privacy buyer
10.1 The seller collects personal information buyers, full name, company name / company , address, phone and e -mail connection . These data are used to facilitate these orders buyer.
10.2 Seller agrees that personal and contact details will not pass any third party to abuse.

11th Final provisions
11.1 These terms and conditions are applicable to all contracts concluded between the seller and the buyer. Buyer is a natural person as a corporation . Legal relations of both Parties arising under the order shall be governed by individuals in the provisions of the Civil Code, in the case of legal persons by the Commercial Code .
11.2 The Seller reserves the right to change the terms and conditions . The change in business conditions will selling on their website www.kompresory - naradi.cz as well as in their offices.
11.3 These Terms and Conditions are effective from 1.1.2010


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