Pneumatic Tools

In the category of pneumatic tools Ingersoll-Rand has one of the widest ranges. The product line includes pneumatic tightening tools, pneumatic screwdrivers and wrenches, which can cover a huge range of torques from 0.3 to about 100.000Nm. In this range we are able to ensure maximum requirements for pneumatic tools, assembly industry sector.

Pneumatic Screwdrivers

INGERSOLL RAND pneumatic screwdrivers are designed for industrial applications that require the installation of high frequency circuits with maximum repeatability of the set torque and overall high requirements for pneumatic tools. Screwdrivers are designed with automatic shut-off clutch, ratchet clutch without a clutch capable of running the push, lever or multiple start. In addition, pneumatic screwdrivers are divided according to the design for screwdrivers straight, pistol, angle and built. Most popular Q series screwdrivers series features excellent ergonomics, high torque repeatability, trouble-free operation with low maintenance.

Pneumatic wrench

Pneumatic wrench INGERSOLL RAND tools are designed for the most demanding applications requiring precise mounting with high repeatability of torque. This pneumatic tools are available as straight, angled or build-and mostly with automatic shut-off clutch. New series QA4, QA6, QA8 are precision pneumatic tools requiring minimal maintenance and ensures maximum reliability. Recessed spindle is available with pneumatic clutch off the alarm.

Pneumatic Pulse Wrenches

Pulse pneumatic wrenches are used where required precise and quick installation. Pulse wrenches are characterized by the fact that in reaching moments reactions do not develop strength, so even higher torque is required lock pneumatic tools. Pulse wrenches are available with torques up to 270N models with and without tripping.

Pneumatic impact wrenches

The section also has a pneumatic tools impact wrenches, which are divided into two categories. Service impact wrenches designed for use in auto and tire and industrial impact wrenches for both its design and performance for the most demanding industrial applications. There are pneumatic impact wrenches with square drive sizes from 1/4 "to 2 1/2" with moments to 100.000Nm. To achieve maximum performance and service life of Ingersoll-Rand uses the most advanced technologies and materials. Many wrenches is also designed for use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres.

Pneumatic Grinders

Ingersoll-Rand offers a huge range of pneumatic grinders for industrial and service applications. New series offer maximum performance, using the most advanced materials and low weight and high tool life. Pneumatic tools and grinders also Ingersol-Rand is still undergoing a series of upgrades and modifications. In 2012 was introduced the first turbine grinder VT.

Pneumatic hammers and scalers

Pneumatic hammers and osekávače Ingersoll-Rand use proven design and materials for use in the most demanding applications. Pneumatic Tools has extended parts for longer life and reinforced head can withstand even the heaviest use. Pneumatic hammers have a reputation most durable tools, which can currently buy.

Pneumatic ratchet

Air Ratchet Ingersoll-Rand are typical tools for servicing and not miss any equipment in the garage. Like other pneumatic tools and ratchets meet the requirements of ergonomics, noise and tool life.

Pneumatic drills

In the category of pneumatic tools can also be a section of pneumatic drills. Ingersoll-Rand offers a range of service and industrial drills and especially special modular drilling machine learning for the aviation industry. Modular Drills Ingersoll-Rand offers flexibility and ensures flexibility of production.

Pneumatic saws and shears

Pneumatic saws are a versatile tool in cutting complex shapes and cuts with a slight radius. It can be used both for cutting all kinds of plastics, fiberglass and other composite materials, and for cutting aluminum and sheet metal.

Pneumatic scissors are a universal type of pneumatic tools which can perform clean cuts in cold rolled steel, plastic, tinplate, aluminum and other types of metals. It is an ideal solution for car body repair shop, sheet metal shop, a manufacturer of air conditioning, plastics processors, suppliers and tool heating techniques.

Pneumatic Riveter

We offer two types of riveters for service work and small batch production of pneumatic riveters for blind rivets and riveters for industrial applications roztloukací rivets.

Drilling units

Ingersoll Rand Drilling units are precision automatic units for industrial use. The entire process of drilling or tapping is needed only two signals for starting the engine and the air feed, return stroke can be both automatic and also using another pneumatic control signal.


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