Rail systems

Rail systems form the basis of any system for handling materiálem.Ingersoll Rand offers five types of systems from lightweight aluminum and oceli.Kolejový system Ingersoll -Rand = effective system posunuKvalitní traversing the surface , keeping accurate passes and hinges allow you to move loads with maximum force , to bring operation is less than 1.5% of total nákladu.Vyložení force required during the feed is less than 1 % even if the load is located , and therewith taxiing on the edge of the railway track.

Fast and accurate positioning and location

Extremely low power expended for maneuvering means very fast and accurate load placement , without having to move the tracks forward or backward.

Reducing the effort and forces workers

Using a conventional suspension system , it is necessary to move the load 500 kg 100 times a day spent force as if it were moved 3,000 kg . With the Ingersoll -Rand is a need to spend less than 500 kg power to perform the same work with the fact that no further effort to position the sliding rails and cargo no longer needed.

Lifting capacities

INGERSOLL RAND crane systems , we are able to deliver a pitch to nine meters and capacity up to 1,360 kg.


The system includes tracks to also complete obedience , trucks , curtains , elements for air and power management especially , etc.


They use the same elements as systems for cranes. Usually used for uniaxial handling requirements . There are also arches

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