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History Ingersoll- Rand begins in 1871 when Mr. Simon Ingersoll patented steam mining drill. This event led to the founding mining company Ingersoll Rock Drill Company.
In 1872 he founded the Albert Rand Rand & Waring Drill and Compressor Company, which in 1879 was renamed the Rand Drill Company. A year later he launched the first air compressor brands Rand .
Mr. Henry Sergeant left the company in 1885 and founded his own company Ingersoll Drill Sergent Company, which in 1888 merged with Ingersoll Rock Drill Company under the new name of Ingersoll - Sergeant Drill Company. In 1902 he was introduced mobile Rand air compressor brands .
The current name of Ingersoll -Rand was established in 1905 by the merger of Ingersoll - Rand Drill Sergeant and . Headquarters was located in New York City. In 1921 he established a private company Ingersoll - Rand ( India ) Private Ltd . Company Schlage Lock Company founded in 1920 by Mr. Walter Schlage acquired Ingersoll -Rand in 1974. The first hand-held air tools began to be used in 1934. In 1963 , the company of Ingersoll -Rand and Japan during the sixties acquired nine large companies such as Von Duprin 1965 and The Torrington Company in 1968.

Headquarters company Ingersoll -Rand has moved in 1972 from New York City to Woodcliff Lake , New Jersey . In 1980 , the company Union Carbide joined Ingersoll -Rand and created Niject Services Company. Division of Textron , Fafnir Bearing Division has teamed up with a branch of Torrington, this was sold in 2003 .

Ingersoll- Rand acquired in 1995 by a major company Clark Equipment Company, under which enterprises include Bobcat , Club Car and Blaw -Knox product lines . A year later, Ingersoll -Rand extended by The Steelcraft door manufacturing and in April next year, the connecting major companies Newman Tonks , an English company producing door hardware . )

Also significant was the year 1997 when Ingersoll -Rand acquired the largest manufacturer of mobile refrigeration equipment company Thermo King . In June 2000 there was a connection other global companies - the largest manufacturer of equipment for storing and cooling food - Company Hussmann International, Inc . S branch Thermo King created a division Climate Control sector , which has managed to gain considerable market share in the refrigeration and air conditioning .

Product range Ingersoll- Rand is extensive. Manufactures air compressors, air tools , handling equipment , door hardware, small turbines , bearings, golf carts, mobile air conditioning, refrigeration , storage and refrigeration of food.


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