Air treatment

In most cases, the use of compressed air necessary to adjust the power source. For the treatment of compressed air is needed neat units that are mounted directly in front of the tool and are classified according to the type of adjustment to the filter, gravel cleaner, or oiler, or any combination of these components. These units are further divided by the flow rate of compressed air. Ingersoll Rand launches new range of modern units ARO.


Spring balancers are used to balance the weight of the load (eg screwdrivers) using an adjustable spring load weight range according to the different models, so that the operator felt the lowest possible strain on your hands. In other words balancer helps us nadlehčovat burden and makes working with him.

Torsion arms

The torsion arms are devices (products) to which is fastened a screwdriver-wrench. Mostly are equipped with a spring balancer. Absorb the reaction force in driving and it makes our work easier during assembly. We divide them by size wrench and torque. Usually fitted directly into the production line or assembly department.

Feeders and screw feeders

QUICHER screw feeders are devices that help automate the process of mounting screws. The device operates on the principle přesypávání screws through the track feeders - this screws ranks behind him and calling at the mouth of the feeder from which using magnetised bit or vacuum recruit either manually or by robot. This will greatly speed up workflow assembly. Is divided by the size of the screw and the way you removed (NS manual, NJ, or robotic NSR, NJR).

On a similar principle works well dispenser screws ORK, with the difference that the screws do not draw with a screwdriver, but this device automatically counts the dose from 1 to 99 Screws fall into the tray. After removing the screws benefits is reactivated countdown next dose. This cycle repeats until emptying the hopper feeder. In the case of early removal of the device signals the bug!


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