Torque measurement

These measuring devices are ideal for quick and easy detection of torque pneumatic and electric screwdrivers and wrenches Ingersoll-Rand. Allows you to measure both tightening with classic switch or overload clutch and pulse wrenches. These devices can be verified and torque wrenches.

Torque sensor stationary

Fixed sensors are used both in the workshop and on the assembly line. They allow a quick check of the torque set manual or electric wrenches. To verify the torque normally used with a corresponding joint simulator. The degree of coupling of the simulator can be varied in order to achieve different joint conditions from hard to soft. The sensors are sets of screw simulators are very useful tools for setting up and testing under various conditions of bolted joints.

Rotary torque sensor

Rotary encoders are used primarily for capturing dynamic torque achieved in the course of the tightening process when working with hand tools. With the appropriate screw simulators recommended by Ingersoll-Rand can also be used in laboratories and workshops. Unique golden stripes around the body sensors provide continuous shooting performance for impulse wrenches and screwdrivers with shut-off clutch Designed for screwdrivers, angle wrenches, pulse tools and torque wrenches.


Equipment for measuring torque for external sensors

It is an evaluation unit without integrated sensors intended for connection of a proprietary sensors resistant impulses. Allows dynamic torque control and simulation operations performed by different installation tools.

Equipment for measuring torque with integrated sensor

The measuring device is ideal for quick and easy detection of torque with integrated torque sensor. We offer four models to cover torque range from 0.1-30Nm.


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