The unique rail system Ingersoll-Rand along with pneumatic and electronic manipulators form a comprehensive range of material handling systems. Pneumatic balancers and manipulators are suitable for handling loads weighing up to 450 kg. Using the Ingersoll-Rand is any load handling very easy.

Jacks - Manual

Hand lever and hand chain hoists Ingersoll-Rand have extensive applications in various fields (eg construction, rescue, upkeep companies, smelters, etc.) simply wherever it is needed to lift and manipulate heavy loads. Jacks, Ingersoll-Rand has a simple and robust structures and are useful in challenging conditions.

Rail systems

Rail systems form the basis of any system for handling materiálem.Ingersoll Rand offers five types of systems from lightweight aluminum and oceli.Kolejový system Ingersoll-Rand = effective system posunuKvalitní traversing the surface, keeping accurate passes and hinges allow you to move loads with maximum force, to bring operation is less than 1.5% of total nákladu.Vyložení force required during the feed is less than 1% even if the load is located, and therewith taxiing on the edge of the railway track.

Pneumatic Balancers

Air-powered device for easy handling loads weighing up to 450 kg. The heart of the whole unit is an air chamber and piston. Air entering the chamber pushes the piston which rotates the coil coiled cable and thereby lifts the load. The discharge of air cargo drops. Regulating the entry and exit of air cargo balances in the weightless state. Safety system prevents winding steep winding of the release of the load. Worm bearing with low friction creates a gentle rotary motion of the cord rewind the spool.

Controls on the handle-ZA - is designed for fast and accurate handling of loads of different weight. After lifting the weight using the controls on the handle cargo gets to the weightlessness that allows a float load range up to 450 mm for final disposal.

Simple operation-BA - makes the manipulator perfect alternative to traditional spring balancerům with simple controls. One manipulator covers capacity of up to ten different spring balancers. Manipulators with this control create so-called weightlessness along the entire length of movement.

Hi, Lo, UN special control-EA - is excellent for very fast load handling constant weight and repeated handling. Methods switching Hi-grasp and balance, Lo-balance, running and accurate location Un-release and balance the empty hook.


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