Pneumatic turbine grinder Ingersoll-Rand VT22-120P95M

Pneumatic turbine grinder Ingersoll-Rand VT22-120P95M

VT22 turbine grinder to disc with a diameter of 125 mm has a higher output power than any
comparable grinder available on the market today. Thanks ergonomic solution, which includes the additional handle for vibration reduction can be cut or grind material quickly, which is lower operation costs and higher production efficiency regardless of the difficulty in application.


Turbine air motor with an output of 2.2 kW is the highest performance in its class. Offset from the shaft length 22.5 mm allows the wheel diameter is better utilized, which can reach a depth of cut up to 40 mm. Built-in regulator maximizes speed under load, thereby also increasing performance. Auxiliary handle dampens vibration and can be mounted on the right or left side, increasing user comfort. Unique optional top handle allows the use of tools for applications with limited work space. Spindle lock by pressing the button allows quick blade change one key - all this can be done with one hand and just a few seconds. Fuse with 10 positions is clearly visible and ensures high safety. The integrated trigger safety includes insurance against accidental starting. Integrated safety trigger lock prevents accidental starting. Option to set the direction of the exhaust air increases the comfort of the user.


Parameter Value Unit
diameter grinding wheel 125,0 mm
speed 12000,0 1/min
weight 2,0 kg
length 295,0 mm
height angle head 89,0 mm
recommended hose 13,0 mm
rated power 2,2 kW

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